27 June 2011

its been a long tyme i tak bukak blog..well, i was planned nak update blog je masa sem6 but idk..masa takde la pulak..heeee...well, saya dah habis study and currently at home je, doing nothing..

its been 3weeks dah and I feel like 3 decades..lalalaa..till we meet again next tyme dear blog.. :)

27 December 2010

Let's counting the days guys. . .

hey guys!! oh well, sekarang ni semua org keep on talking or mentioning pasal new year kan?

GOOd byE 2010, HellOOO0O0O0Oo0ooo 2011!!

yup, i've changed n i've learned so much on 2010...
regretted in myself for everything... *sigh

2011, please bring me more super something ea? bring me on!! yeayy!!!

okay okay, one thing yg cross my mind right now kan, everyone fikir pasal tahun masihi aka A.C je, including me...am i right? tahun hijrah, siapa lak nak fikir kan? xde sape pon really care pasal tahun hijrah, including me jugak...ahakz! nvm la...i don wanna talk bout those tahun, i just wanna share my plan n my wish for 2011...hehee...what's my plan for 2011?? tunggu ar duluu...huhuu...

faithfully : aim dAnieL